wishled aluminum led baseboard


aluminum led baseboard

Wishled aluminum LED skirting board can match with any environment due to its unlimited pattern designs options. It is mostly prefered as night lighting in children's rooms with its replaceable design printed cover. It can also be used for advertising and to present corporate identity in public areas. In addition to its illumination feature, it also covers the defects in floor and wall joints. It prevents dirt accumulation and harmful organisms to provide hygienic and healthy use for many years. With the hollow area in its design, it collects the telephone, electricity and internet cables to organize your environment. It is extremely durable and long-lasting since it is produced from high quality raw material and has thick walls. Unlike its competitors, it stands out with its coating thickness and quality of anodizing, and with its pretreatment application that provides resistance to corrosion in electrostatic powder painting.

Wishled's upper and lower frames are aluminum and has design printed panel in the middle that can be replaced according to taste. Wishled aluminum LED skirting board can be easily installed by fixing the body profile to wall with screws and installing the LED strips and driver inside. Application will be completed by mounting the front design printed diffuser panel with its snap lock system. With the inner, outer and end covering caps, which are the same color as the profiles, smooth corner turns can be easily applied without the need for an angled cut. Corner caps also prevent lighting flaws. It is available in 2500mm length and 100mm height.

Wishled patterned aluminum LED skirting board has matte anodized, bright anodized, satin chemical bright anodized and electrostatic powder painting options. While silver, yellow, inox, bronze and black anodized color coatings are available, it can also be painted to the desired RAL code with electrostatic powder painting. In addition to existing pattern designs we offer for the illuminator panel, personalized designs can also be applied.

Surfaces and Color Options

matte silver, anodized
matte silver, anodized (MEGMS)
white, semi-gloss, powder coated
white, semi-gloss, powder coated (R9016)
anthracite, semi-gloss, powder coated
anthracite, semi-gloss, powder coated (R7016)
black, semi-gloss, powder coated
black, semi-gloss, powder coated (R9005)

Corner Solutions



  • LED-STL-WHT - LED Strip White
  • LED-STL-DAY - LED Strip Daylight
  • LED-DRV-12V - LED Driver 12V
  • LED-RMT-RGB - LED Remote Controller RGB
  • LED-RMT-DIM - LED Remote Dimmer


Aluminum profile products are under warranty for 5 years from the date of delivery, except for the user errors listed below;

  • Damage caused by impact
  • Damage caused by scratching
  • Damage caused by abrasive substance or chemical cleaning agents contact
  • Damage caused by prolonged contact with water
  • Damage caused by exposure to intense temperature
  • Damage caused during assembly