Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Can I place an order from any region?

We can deliver our products to your desired region with fast and affordable shipping options.

You can make your payment via bank transfer or by following the steps through our pricing application.

You can place your order by e-mail, phone and using the pricing application on our website.

After your order is received, we will initiate production within one working day. In cases where production has not started yet, you can cancel your order by contacting us.

Minimum order quantity is 20pcs/product.

Our products can be supplied in standard sizes such as 2.7m/pcs, 2.5m/pcs. After subtracting the total quantity you need, you can calculate the number of profiles according to the length of the relevant profile. Example: If a product with a length of 2.7m is to be supplied in a total order of 80m; the required number of profiles should be calculated as 80m/2.7 = 29.6 -> 30 pieces.

Our products may have variations with different height or width measurements. After choosing the product you need, you should make sure that you choose the product in the most suitable size for the application area. Or you can consult us for more detailed technical information.

Detailed technical data about our products (datasheet), product catalog pages, technical design files are available on the product pages of our website. If you cannot reach the technical data you need from these documents, please contact us.

The assembly instructions of our products are available on the product pages of our website. If you find the instructions insufficient, please contact us.

You can apply for a distributorship or dealership from the application form in our website. You can download the presentation or contact us for more detailed information.

If you cannot find the product you are looking for in our catalog, you can place ad order for a custom profile with a minimum order quantity of 2500m. You can ask for consultancy about the design and production stages.

If you are supplying our products from a source other than us, you can ask us to confirm the company and order number information on the label.