Led baseboard, guiding lights, outstanding concepts

As a result of the technology and decoration trends that are developing a little more every day, the building elements used in the interiors have also diversified a lot compared to the past. Skirting board designs, which were a neglected element in interior design in previous years, provide elegance and ease of use in spaces with their functional and visual advantages. Here, LED skirting profiles, one of the most popular interior building elements of recent years, are considered one of the best ways to differentiate living spaces.

What is LED skirting used for?

This kind of skirting profiles used at the junction points between the wall finish and the floor not only protects the bottom of the walls from built-in dirt, dust, mold and staining, but also makes these areas much easier to clean. LED skirting board models, which are especially beneficial for individuals with allergies in terms of hygiene, also protect these sensitive areas where the wall and the floor meet from damage due to impact and use. Of course, the most prominent feature of LED skirting profiles is that they have a lighting feature. This lighting feature, which can be very useful in terms of safety and guidance, especially in areas such as offices, corridors and children's rooms, can also be used in areas such as living room, kitchen and bathroom for aesthetic purposes only.

What is the difference between LED skirting profiles and other skirting boards?

Although the basic usage purposes of the skirting boards, which are designed and produced to be mounted at the junction of the wall and the floor covering, are the same, it should be remembered that there are some differences when it comes to LED skirting boards. Because LED skirting board models have grooves in their inner profiles of thickness and length, through which LED strip lighting can pass, in order to provide lighting feature. In addition, this type of skirting boards also have a remote control for turning the lighting feature on and off, unlike the classical skirting models.

The most important feature that distinguishes the MOX branded led skirting board models from their counterparts is that they are produced from high quality aluminum raw materials and the wall thickness is not compromised. Thanks to this careful use of materials, MOX led skirting board models, which are a life-long building element, also stand out with the high quality coating process in the anodizing process and the pre-treatment application that provides resistance to corrosion in the electrostatic powder painting stage.

Led skirting areas

These modern designed LED skirting board models with lighting feature are not only used in homes, of course. Today, LED skirting profiles used in different public areas such as school, nursery - kindergarten, shopping mall, corporate office buildings, hospital, clinic, beauty salon, gym, pilates studio, SPA center, hairdresser, bazaar, official office, store, art gallery It can be found everywhere.

In addition, one of the most common uses of such illuminated skirting board models is to use them like a billboard with the printing of the relevant brand logo in corporate offices and stores. By using this decoration solution, brands can stay pleasantly in their customers' memories. By examining MOX's customizable LED skirting models, you can design a signature skirting board for both your workplace and your home.

How to install LED skirting board?

Mox led skirting boards, which are one of the functional and decorative skirting groups, are very practical to install. When the rear part of this skirting group is screwed to the wall, the driver is easily mounted with the LED strip, and then the diffusers can be easily attached. Thanks to the inner, outer and end cover parts of the same color, this profile can make perfect corner turns without the need for angled cuts. Thanks to the special corner pieces, an aesthetic and efficient use is provided by preventing light leakage.

LED skirting board prices

It is not possible to give an exact range about the prices of led skirting boards, which may vary according to different factors such as market conditions, brand, quality of the raw material used, paint quality and design know-how. In addition to these factors, factors such as size, quantity and customization options can directly affect the price of the skirting product you choose and buy. If you want to use led skirting boards in your place but feel ignorant about the prices of led skirting boards, you can get an application offer by filling out the special form on MOX's official site, or you can get a face-to-face price by visiting your nearest MOX dealer.