revio aluminum flooring


aluminum flooring

Revio aluminum carpet edge profile is specially designed to increase the aesthetics and functionality of your floor. Revio aluminum carpet edge profile not only provides a seamless transition between different flooring surfaces, but also protects the edges of your carpet, preventing wear and deformation that may occur over time. These profiles help you reduce repair and replacement costs by extending the life of your carpet. It is extremely durable and long-lasting since it is produced from high quality raw material and has thick walls. Unlike its competitors, it stands out with its coating thickness and quality of anodizing.

It has a stylish and modern appearance with its oval form and facilitates the transition between floors. Revio aluminum carpet edge profile is user-friendly during the installation phase, allowing you to achieve a professional result in a short time with clear instructions and simple tools. Corners can be assembled by cutting profile to 45 degree. It is available in 2500 mm length and size suitable for carpets of 10 mm.

Revio aluminum carpet edge profile has a matte anodized coating option in silver, yellow and inox colors.

Surfaces and Color Options

matte silver, anodized
matte silver, anodized (MEGMS)
matte yellow, anodized
matte yellow, anodized (MESAR)
matte inox, anodized
matte inox, anodized (MEINX)


Aluminum profile products are under warranty for 5 years from the date of delivery, except for the user errors listed below;

  • Damage caused by impact
  • Damage caused by scratching
  • Damage caused by abrasive substance or chemical cleaning agents contact
  • Damage caused by prolonged contact with water
  • Damage caused by exposure to intense temperature
  • Damage caused during assembly