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Ceramic corner profile has various usage areas in different places. It is the profile that is mostly used in the corner areas of ceramic tiles for reinforcement and visual joining. The tile corner profile models, which have different designs with MOX quality and assurance, allow the ceramic material used on the wall and floor to combine harmoniously with each other. In addition, it prevents the appearance of visually disturbing lines and offers an aesthetic finish.

Ceramic corner profiles are generally produced using aluminum and stainless steel materials, but also have different color alternatives. Profiles, which are mostly applied in areas that are more in contact with liquids such as kitchens or bathrooms in homes, are also preferred in places such as businesses or shopping centers. Moreover, thanks to its stylish designs, it increases the visual value of the applied space, while at the same time it ensures that the floor and wall coverings are more durable. In particular, it facilitates cleaning and maintenance by preventing damage to the corners between the wall and the floor.

What is a ceramic corner profile and what is it used for?

Ceramic corner profiles are also known as angle brackets, but they are a profile used for reinforcement and aesthetic purposes in corner joints in ceramic applications. The answer to the curious question "what is aluminum angle iron" is that these profiles used in corner joints combine wall and floor coverings harmoniously and prevent breakage and cracking. These profiles are preferred to eliminate the errors that occur in the joints or corners of the tiles used on the surface or wall. It can also be used instead of joints in ceramic or parquet applications.

The advantages of the MOX tile corner profile

Corner profiles that offer decorative appearance and functional use in ceramic applications also bring many advantages. The advantages of corner profiles, including MOX L angle models, are as follows:

  • Prevents damage to corners due to impacts or long-term use in ceramic surface applications.
  • The outer corner profile, which has different size, design and color options, helps to create visual integrity in the area where it is applied.
  • As it can be applied as a border or frame as well as protecting the corners, it creates a striking style with small touches.
  • When preferred as a joint application, it facilitates maintenance and cleaning.
  • The installation of corner profiles with joint extensions that do not require adhesive is faster and more practical.
  • Because of their high quality aluminum or stainless steel material feature, they are used for many years.
  • It prevents deformations such as swelling by preventing the passage of liquid in application areas where water is used intensively such as bathroom, kitchen or toilet.

What are the types of stainless steel corner profiles?

Stainless steel corner profiles are materials used in various areas to provide an aesthetic and long-lasting appearance. They are easily combined with coating materials such as ceramic, granite or parquet and provide durability. Corner profiles are produced in different types and meet every need easily.

  • Internal corner profiles: Internal corner profiles, which attract attention with their stainless steel material, are used in the combination of internal corners on ceramic surfaces. It can also be preferred as a frame in a certain part of the space.
  • External corner profiles: Stainless steel external corner profile models are also known as end profiles. It is preferred in the outer corners to make the appearance more striking and to combine all the corners throughout. The outer corner profiles usually have a thicker design than the inner corner profiles.
  • Profiles with joint wings: Profiles with joint wings detail, which do not require the use of any adhesive or screws during the application, are mounted between the joints during the ceramic application. On the other hand, there are profile models with double joint wings and used in 90-degree corner joints.

What should be considered in aluminum corner profile prices?

The price of aluminum corner profile, which not only provides extra corner protection on ceramic surfaces, but also protects against corrosion thanks to its special material, is determined by many factors. The most important detail to be considered in the prices of these profiles, which offer a stylish and timeless appearance in ceramic coatings, is the preferred size. The size of the area to be applied allows you to obtain clear information for corner profile prices. However, since aluminum corner profiles have many different model alternatives, the model to be preferred also affects the price determination. There is a price difference between outer corner profiles and inner corner profiles not only in terms of design, but also in terms of usage. For this reason, it is necessary to pay attention to the features of the area to be applied and the preferred model for the price of corner profiles.