Skirting boards, cable organizators, stylish and customizable profiles

One of the most important finishing touches to a carefully designed and applied interior is a well-chosen high-quality skirting. Because a good skirting profile changes the appearance of the space in an instant, it is an extremely effective complement and has a great hygienic function.

What is the baseboard used for?

Skirting models are a building material that is generally used indoors. It provides an aesthetic appearance and facilitates cleaning by closing the joints of the floor coverings and the walls. Skirting models can be used in homes, offices, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and indoor built for many other different purposes. Especially in commercial buildings, skirting models are often used because cleanliness and hygiene are important in such buildings and skirting boards are a very useful option for this purpose. In addition, skirting board models can be used for decorative purposes only. Skirting boards in different colors and designs can contribute to the aesthetics of the interior spaces, giving the space a more pleasant and catchy appearance.

Where are Skirting Models Used the Most?

High-traffic areas that need to be constantly cleaned, kept clean and looking good are ideal for baseboard use. In addition to crowded residences, it is absolutely necessary to use a suitable skirting board in areas such as shopping malls, workplaces, hospitals, clinics, schools, nurseries, government offices, social facilities, restaurants, gyms, beauty centers and industrial kitchens / production facilities. In terms of being a long-lasting, durable and hygienic solution, turning to aluminum skirting and stainless steel skirting options is perfect for this type of public spaces.

Skirting Types and Purposes of Use

Today, it is possible to categorize skirting board models produced according to many different features and usage purposes as follows:

  • Aluminum skirting board models Thanks to the material advantage of aluminum, which is a light and durable material, it can be used safely in residential and commercial areas for years. Especially at airports and train stations.
  • Stainless steel skirting models This product is very suitable for use in places that directly affect human health, such as hospitals, food production facilities, professional kitchens, where hygiene and durability are given a higher level of importance.
  • Water resistant skirting board models These skirting boards, which can be used in areas such as bathrooms, toilets, kitchens and laundry rooms, are also ideal for public areas such as restaurants, hotels, dining halls, hairdressers and pools - gyms. Homes with children and kindergartens are also areas where this product can be applied.
  • Led skirting models Led skirting models, which have functions such as road tracking and security, also provide a creative touch to spaces with their customizability. These types of products are ideal for homes as well as corporate offices, hospitals and kindergartens.
  • Practical vinyl skirting models These adhesive skirting board models, which can generally be easily fixed to the wall with the help of their own integrated adhesive or construction silicone, eliminate the burden of mounting the skirting board and are an extremely economical solution. For vinyl skirting, we can say that it is the most favorite skirting model of the tenants.

What is the Difference Between MOX Skirting Boards and Others?

  • High Quality Material: It is produced from high quality raw materials and is far ahead of its counterparts in terms of wall thickness.
  • Wide Product Range: The MOX brand has many different skirting models for different purposes and spaces. In addition to the product range made of aluminum, steel and vinyl materials, patterned, cable-hiding and led-illuminated models offer the user the chance to choose.
  • Long Life and Durability: In addition to the thickness and quality of the anodized coating, it can be used for many years with the pre-treatment application that provides resistance to corrosion in electrostatic powder painting.
  • Reliable Brand: MOX NEF is the solution partner for aluminum led skirting boards of many prestigious brands such as IGA Istanbul Airport, Ramada Hotel and Hilton hotel chain.
  • Environmentally Friendly: All raw materials and materials used by MOX in production comply with the required environmental protection standards and are supplied on the basis of sustainability.

Skirting Prices by Model

Plinth is a building element used to close the gap between the floor and the wall indoors. Due to the different material and design options, skirting board prices can vary quite widely. The factors that determine skirting prices include material type, size, quality, production method, brand and point of sale. For example, stainless steel skirting boards are generally more expensive because the use of steel raw materials is more laborious and costly. However, if cheaper vinyl or aluminum skirting boards are preferred, a very aesthetic appearance can be obtained. Also, the wide range in skirting prices means that there are options to suit every budget.