Every detail in the space design affects the general atmosphere of the place. Skirtings are an important detail that affects the design. When choosing skirting boards, durability is as important as appearance. In this blog article, we will examine 5 important reasons why aluminum skirting boards are preferred.

1. Durable and Long-Lasting

Aluminum skirting boards are lightweight yet extremely durable. With these features, they both facilitate the installation process and provide long-lasting use.

2. Design Diversity

Aluminum skirting boards offer a wide range of products suitable for application areas with different design and color options. You can determine your priorities and make your choice among our profiles designed to suit every field. For example, you can get rid of the messy cable appearance by choosing cable channel profiles specially designed for work areas. By choosing LED profiles in places such as children's rooms, nurseries and public areas, you can obtain a dim light source and personalize the product with your designs. From minimalist and contemporary to modern and traditional, there are many designs to suit your style. Different height options are also available to suit your needs.

3. Easy to Clean

Aluminum skirting boards protect the lower part of the walls from dirt and dust by hiding the gaps between the wall covering and the floor and the irregular joints that may occur, while making the cleaning of these areas much easier.

4. Ease of Assembly

Installation of aluminum skirting boards is very practical. Their light weight provides ease of transportation and installation. For correct installation, installation can be carried out quickly and easily by following the clear assembly instructions we have prepared for our products.

5. Eco-Friendly

Aluminum is a recyclable, environmentally friendly material. It consumes less energy during its production than other metals. It reduces the amount of waste by providing long-term use with its long life and contributes to less consumption of natural resources.