Mox Profile Systems
Mox Profile Systems
Mox Profile Systems

surfaces and color options

matte anodized, silver
silver matte anodized (MEGMS)
matte anodized, yellow
yellow matte anodized (MESAR)
matte anodized, bronze
bronze matte anodized (MEBRO)
matte anodized, inox
inox matte anodized (MEINX)
matte anodized, black
black matte anodized (MESYH)
bright anodized, silver
silver bright anodized (PEGMS)
bright anodized, yellow
yellow bright anodized (PESAR)
bright anodized, bronze
bronze bright anodized (PEBRO)
bright anodized, inox
inox bright anodized (PEINX)
bright anodized, black
black bright anodized (PESYH)
powder coated, white
white powder coated (R9016)
powder coated, anthracite
anthracite powder coated (R7016)


aluminum profile products are under warranty for 5 years from the date of delivery, except for the user errors listed below

  • Damage caused by impact
  • Damage caused by scratching
  • Damage caused by abrasive substance or chemical cleaning agents contact
  • Damage caused by prolonged contact with water
  • Damage caused by exposure to intense temperature
  • Damage caused by montage